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Haiper is a generative AI tool that can create dynamic videos from your text or images, using a powerful perceptual foundation model. You can use Haiper to animate your images, repurpose your text, or repaint your videos, and customize them to suit your needs and preferences.

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Haiper: Generative AI for Video Content Creation

Haiper is a powerful perceptual foundation model-driven AI, designed for a new path towards AGI.

It is not just another video editing tool, but a revolutionary platform that leverages the latest advances in deep learning and computer vision to empower your creative expressions.

Haiper can help you create videos for various purposes, such as social media, marketing, education, entertainment, and more.

Whether you want to animate your images, repurpose your text, or enhance your existing videos, Haiper can do it for you in minutes.

How does Haiper work

  • Text to Video: Seamlessly transform written content and static visuals into dynamic videos. You can paste your text, upload your images, or choose from Haiper’s templates and assets. Haiper will generate a video script and storyboard for you, which you can edit and customize as you wish.
  • Animate Your Image: Drag and drop your images to magically bring them to life. Haiper can animate any image, from sketches to photos, and add realistic movements, emotions, and effects. You can also mix and match different images to create unique scenes and characters.
  • Video Repainting: Elevate your videos with Haiper’s Repainting Tools. Easily modify colors, textures, and elements to transform your visual content. You can change the style, mood, and theme of your videos, or create new versions with different variations.

Use Cases and Applications

  • Social media content: Haiper can help you create engaging and diverse content for your social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more. You can use Haiper to generate videos from your captions, hashtags, or keywords, and add animations, effects, and styles to make them stand out. You can also use Haiper to repurpose your existing content, such as blog posts, podcasts, or images, into videos that suit your audience and platform.
  • Marketing and advertising: Haiper can help you create effective and persuasive videos for your marketing and advertising campaigns. You can use Haiper to generate videos from your product descriptions, slogans, or testimonials, and customize them to match your brand identity and message. You can also use Haiper to repaint your videos to adapt them to different markets, segments, or seasons, and test different variations to optimize your conversions and ROI.
  • Education and learning: Haiper can help you create informative and interactive videos for your education and learning needs. You can use Haiper to generate videos from your course outlines, lesson plans, or summaries, and enhance them with animations, illustrations, and examples. You can also use Haiper to animate your images, such as diagrams, charts, or sketches, and make them more engaging and memorable for your students or learners.
  • Entertainment and storytelling: Haiper can help you create entertaining and imaginative videos for your entertainment and storytelling projects. You can use Haiper to generate videos from your scripts, stories, or ideas, and bring them to life with animations, emotions, and effects. You can also use Haiper to mix and match different images, such as photos, drawings, or paintings, and create unique scenes and characters for your videos.


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